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SpeakerTone was founded with the concept of providing musicians with the absolute best quality equipment available anywhere. I don't stock junk. Good gear isn't cheap but most of the time we really do get what we pay for.

Along with carrying only the finest gear, SpeakerTone is a customer service based business and strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

Here's a link to unsolicited feedback from past Australian customers. Thanks guys!

Aussie Guitar Gearheads Forum

SpeakerTone is located in Saint Petersburg Florida in the U.S.A.
We ship internationally on a regular basis.

SpeakerTone accepts all major credit cards and of course, Paypal.

I've sold equipment to many a working player (some famous and some not so famous, at least not yet), OEM amplifier manufacturers, amp repair shops and even a recording studio or two. I don't sell anything I wouldn't play through myself. The equipment I sell is all professional quality.

I respect all my customers, give everyone a square deal and back up everything I sell. I am a factory authorized dealer for everything I stock on this site and I'll go the extra yard to get you factual technical and application info.
SpeakerTone's pricing is competitive.

If you're new to researching Weber and Tone Tubby products you will find that there are very few dealers anywhere on the internet that actually have these speakers in stock and ready to ship right to you without the factory wait.

Weber VST, Tone Tubby, SpeakerTone and Van-Amps products are all handmade in the U.S.A. The Celestion alnico and Heritage models I stock are made in the U.K. You are 100% fully covered by the factory warranties when you buy from me as I am an authorized dealer for these companies.

A little about me now.

I'm a guitar player. I'm mostly into blues and some swing jazz and have been playing on and off for over 30 years. I'm very serious about my music. I personally tired of using subpar (crappy) equipment because no matter how hard I practiced I couldn't get the sounds I was looking for. (Some people can fart into a tuba and sound good. I'm not one of them.)
Fortunately for you and unfortunately for me, most of my customers are better guitar players then myself.
I'm still trying to find my "sound" and have pretty much turned into a gear head while looking for it. Hey, anything at all that keeps me interested in practicing is worth pursuing.

I just put up a Facebook page for SpeakerTone on 07/23/10. If you're into Facebook and want to help me build the page I would really appreciate your help. I'm looking for feedback from past and present customers along with pictures and video's of your gear. If you have or want to do a video demonstrating Weber, Celestion or Tone Tubby guitar speakers or other equipment I carry, I'd love to have them on the Facebook page. It will be good exposure for you and will help others learn more about the equipment that they be interested in. You also have the option of writing a review. If you're not interested in all that but just want to say hello, please do. Right now the page is pretty much blank. I just joined Facebook and am still feeling my way around.

The Facebook page will open in a new window or tab but you won't leave this site.


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Here's a couple pics of one of my personal amps. It's a Silverface Bandmaster Reverb head converted into a Vibroclone. I sent it to Paul Gussler at Oldfield to go through it. He replaced close to 50 parts on the board and used well over 20 feet of wire to totally R&R and convert it to the AB763 circuit. Purist's, please don't go into shock. The wiring was pretty well shot out when I bought it. Paul put it in a handmade maple Vibroverb sized cab finished off with a nitro finish. I've slowly been recording some sound clips for the site with this amp. Paul put a Mercury Magnetics Vibroverb Tone Clone OT in it for me with 4, 8 and 16 ohm taps so I can drive just about any speaker or cab with it. These pics don't do the amp justice. They were taken just before the build was completed. This amp has gobs of clean headroom and makes a nice warm fat sounding jazz amp. I've swapped speakers several times and I'm currently running a 15" Weber Chicago ceramic. I have an alnico Chicago 15" on the way from Weber. I had it reconed from an alnico California. I'm looking forward to hearing it.

BTW, Weber recones ANY Weber speaker for 25.00 plus shipping. You can have the impedance changed, a different cone installed, wattage changed, the magnet recharged if needed or you can just have it reconed right back to the stock model. You really can't beat that deal. There's a recone form on the Weber site that must be filled out and sent along with the speaker(s). If I can help you at all with information on the process please ask.

In the last year or two I've also picked up a silverface Deluxe Reverb and a Clark Beaufort Special with his added reverb. I sent Michael Clark one of my ext. cabs and he routed out the top for the 5E3 chassis and cut the baffle out for a 15". I recently bought a baffle adapter from J Designs and took it down to a 12" cutout. I have a Celestion Blue in it now. What a great amp!
Update. I got into the 5E3 so much that I decided to manufacture them. It just seems like the all around perfect guitar amp for low to moderate volume applications. With the volume way down on the amp and by further controlling it with my guitar volume, it gets a great jazz tone. Turn it up and you have a really authentic blues tone. Especially with a Fender outboard reverb unit in front. Dime it and it's an all out, wicked, old school, rock and roll and blues machine. I'm afraid to turn my back on one. The little son of a bitch might run up and bite me on the ass!
In all seriousness, we're building a very good guitar amplifier. Nothing but the best parts. Please see the amps page for more details.

Here's a pic of me from last year with my 535. My Deluxe Reverb is hiding near that fake plant. Some buddies and I were doing a small outdoor event this past May.

This site is a great way for me to stay inspired and involved with the music on another level. That's precisely why I believe in my business. I'm really lovin the way that good old tube amps are strong arming their way back into players hands. My first amp was a blackface Vibrolux. I was 18 yrs old at the time and had no clue just how great that amp was. I don't remember for sure what happened to it but it along with a couple others over the years probably found it's way into a pawn shop.

Have a few minutes? Here's a few clips of some of my favorite guitarists.


Here's a clip of one of SRV's influences. If you listen to "Lenny" and "Rivera Paradise" you can hear it plainly.

Wes Montgomery

"Round Midnight"

Wes has been a major influence on many, many guitarists. Directly and indirectly. R.I.P. Wes.

Lightnin Hopkins

"Baby please don't go."

Clip of Heritage H-535 through Vibroclone w/ Weber Chicago alnico 15".
I'm using a condenser mic through a tube mic preamp and it's clipping a bit.
My playing is pretty sloppy but I try to enjoy myself.

SpeakerTone is a proud member of the Suncoast Blues Society.
"A non profit organization that's dedicated to keeping the Blues alive".

Have you ever wanted to become a patron of the arts? Membership in S.B.S. is only 20 dollars a year and includes a subscription to the S.B.S. newsletter and the 12 bar rag which is delivered via snail mail.
You can buy nice blues t-shirts from the site for only 15 bucks each. Just click on the "merchandise" tab on their site. So far I've bought three of them. Shipping is cheap and fast.

[click to view the SBS site :]

Speakertone respects your privacy and will never share any of your personal information with anyone. .
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SpeakerTone accepts Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, Paypal, personal checks and money orders.

I ship same or next business day 99% of the time with credit card and or Paypal payment. Please note that all personal checks and money orders must clear before I ship. This could delay your order up to 10 business days.

Thanks for visiting SpeakerTone.com. Please bookmark this site so you can find your way back.

SpeakerTone is located in Saint Petersburg Florida U.S.A.

Bob Hyde

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