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"Theres a lot of different forms of communication, but music is absolutely the purest one, man. You can't hurt anybody with music. You can maybe offend somebody with songs and words, but you can't offend anybody with music - it's just all good. There's nothing at all that could ever be bad about music, about playing it. It's a wonderful thing. A grace."

Duane Allman

Here are some links to sites you may find interesting and informative.

Please note:
You won't leave the SpeakerTone site when you click on the links. They open in a new window or tab. You will probably need a broadband connection to listen to the sound clips.

SpeakerTone is a proud member of the Suncoast Blues Society.
"A non profit organization that's dedicated to keeping the Blues alive".

Have you ever wanted to become a patron of the arts? Membership in S.B.S. is only 20 dollars a year and includes a subscription to the S.B.S. newsletter.
You can buy nice blues t-shirts from the site for only 15 bucks each. Just click on the "merchandise" tab on their site. So far I've bought three of them. Shipping is cheap and fast.

[click to view the SBS site :]

Larry Camp
Larry is a world class jazz guitarist who lives right here in Saint Petersburg Florida. I had the privilege of working with him recently on getting the tones he was looking for by having a pine Tremolux style cab handmade for him by the cab builder I'm dealing with and loading it up with a couple Weber Blue Pup alnico speakers. Sweet! Watch for some soundclips of that cab on the SpeakerTone site in the future. Larry is available for booking. Here's an MP3 sound clip from Larry's 2002 "Campfire" Cd.
High Fly
Larry's website:

Red Lasner
Red, among other things, is the lead guitarist for Wendy and The Soulshakers a Saint Petersburg Florida based band. He hosted the blues jam at the Ringside Cafe here in St Pete on Sunday nights for 18 years. A lot of local guitarists and other musicians were able to develop their stage legs under Red's open door and mind attitude. He was already playing professionally for well over 20 years when he decided to study under Truefire studios own Brad Carlton for five years to further his abilities. I've taken a couple guitar lessons from Red and he's a great teacher as well as player.
Red's been instrumental in letting me test equipment at stage volume in front of a live audience. There's no substitution for real world application. Recently I designed a ceramic 12" guitar speaker specifically for him and his 2x6L6 Boogie head. Ted Weber built it for me and like all Weber speakers this one is at the top of the tone game. It has 100 watt power handling but is designed to have the voicing of a vintage American style speaker. Sound clips will follow after Red and I get together on it. We're calling it the BobCat H-100. It has a huge magnet and the sensitivity is 100db@ 1w. Red's been playing live with it in one of my SpeakerTone 112 ext cabs.
Red is available for lessons, gigs, and studio work.
Here's a clip of Red playing during his local Tampa Bay Blues Jam. Come on down to Gulfport on the Rocks and bring your instrument every Sunday night at 8:30 pm. It's located at 5412 Shore Blvd in South Gulfport Florida. (It's a small town on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg).

Red's MySpace page:
Red Lasner

Josh Nelms
Here's a clip of another fantastic local guitarist, Josh Nelms. We're fortunate to have a great blues scene here in Tampa Bay with some excellent players. This clip features Josh Nelms on guitar, Mike Chavers on bass and Brent Winner on drums and was taken at the Ringside Cafe in St Petersburg. Josh is playing through his Silverface Deluxe with a Weber 12F150 in it. I'll add more info about Josh shortly.

Here's another clip of Josh Nelms playin his Strat through a tweed Bandmaster. The amp is pushing 3 Weber 10A125's 30w 8ohm light doping. The amp is owned by "Archtop Andrew" and it was built by Tungston amplification. Josh also has Andrew's Van-Amps Sole-Mate reverb unit in the chain.
I'm convinced Josh could blow the fur off a cat at 300 yrds with his incredible feeling and chops.

Wendy Rich
This lady has some serious lungs on her. Wendy fronts and sings for the Saint Petersburg Florida based band called Wendy and the SoulShakers. Wendy has performed worldwide with her group Wendy & the Soulshakers, as well as singing lead for Janis's original band BIG BROTHER & the HOLDING COMPANY from 2000-2004. She has opened for/or performed with such greats as Jefferson Starship,Iron Butterfly,Edgar Winter,Molly Hatchett,Clarence GATEMOUTH Brown,James Cotton,Delbert McClinton,Vanilla Fudge to name a few. A singer/songwriter....Wendy has 4 CDs out....featuring alot of her own material.
The SoulShakers play original and cover tunes and are available for booking. Here's a link to Wendy's myspace page where you'll also find sound clips.
Wendy Rich

Sarasota Slim
A self described Florida cracker, Sarasota Slim a.k.a. Gene Hardage is yet another Saint Petersburg Florida, blues legend, guitar player, singer and songwriter.
Slim keeps a list of his upcoming gigs on his site and you can also buy his music directly from him. There's a ton of sound clips on his website.
Gene has 5 Cd's out, two on his own Possum Phono-Graphics label. Slim is available for booking. Here's a clip from his Snook Fishin Cd.
Noodle Boogie
Here's a live clip of Slim doin' "Born under a bad sign". He gets into some serious pickin on that Strat about halfway through the tune. Slim's gotta be one of the all time kings of squeezing the Deluxe circuit for all it's worth.

Slim's website:

Jasper Mortier
A professional freelance bass player (both electric and upright) from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) specialized in backing-up blues- and roots musicians touring in Europe. Jasper can advise you in choosing European based musicians and knows how to travel in Europe. Jasper speaks fluent English and Dutch and enough German and French to get by. People he's backed-up in the past (a.o.): Philip Walker, Eddy Clearwater, Terry Evans, Paul Oscher, the Radio Kings, Candye Kane, Sherman Robertson, Gordon Beadle, Toni Lynn Washington, Long John Hunter, Hans Theessink, Ellis Hooks, Johnny Mastro, Boyd Small, Monti Amundson, Doug Jay, Boo Boo Davis, Byther Smith, Big George Jackson. Feel free to contact Jasper for any musical project in the future.
Jasper Mortier.Com

Black and Tan Records
Independent record label concentrating on blues / roots music. Passionate about music and for them blues is a part of the rich folk music tradition. Story telling music that was created by artists who wrote and sang their own songs about their own life. The voice and the story are the roots of this original, honest and handmade music. Stop by and visit Jan's site. He's very accessible by email and there are plenty of blues sound clips to check out.
Black and Tan Records

The Gear Page Forum
Have a question about gear you want to throw out in the wind? There are many knowledgeable pro and amateur players who probably have actual hands on experience with gear you may be interested in. Tons of good info and feedback on this site. If you do a gear search you'll probably find what you're looking for.

Harmony Central
Here's another great resource with a wealth of info about any and everything musical.
Harmony Central

Here's a link to an Australian gear site. These guys were nice enough to leave SpeakerTone some unsolicited feedback. Thanks guys!
Aussie Guitar Gearheads Forum

MetroAmp Forum
This forum has tons of very useful information on amp building.

A Telecaster discussion forum. There are also other topics including amps, pickups, Strat's, pedals, recording etc.