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Cory with his band, the "Hodaddys."

Does your amp need a tune up or repair?

In the Tampa Bay Florida area I highly recommend Cory Wheeler. Cory's right here in Saint Petersburg Florida.
A couple of local music stores are sending all their amp repairs to him, so skip the middleman and save yourself some money.
Cory will do anything from a simple bias job and or re-tube to any minor or major repair, including speaker installation, and get your cherished equipment back up and running in a short amount of time for a very reasonable price.
Cory has vast experience with the old school Fender and Gibson circuits but can repair any amp.

He's also doing speaker recones and is getting the parts from a source that virtually replicates the vintage parts of the now defunct USA Jensen, CTS, and Oxords that were used in many of the great old amps that were manufactured in the USA. Many speaker recone shops are using parts that have no business being anywhere near a guitar amplifier. He can also recone with your factory recone kit. Celestion has finally released recone kits for many of their guitar speakers including the Celestion Blue and Gold. I can get those kits from my sources.

Cory works on my personal amps. If I didn't think he was as competent as anyone out there this page wouldn't exist. The keywords here are competence and honesty.

You can call Cory directly at 727-600-7522 or email him at:

Cory doesn't pay me to advertise on my site and I don't make a nickle on referrals that he gets from me or my site.
We're personal friends so I know that when I send a customer to him they're not going to get screwed.