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Van-Amps Sole-Mate Reverb

VanAmps, LLC is proud to introduce the newest member of the Reverbamate series, the Sole-Mate. This analog spring reverb pedal is based on the original Reverbamate circuitry, which has become the reverb standard of choice for the serious guitar player the world over. The Sole-Mate differs from the original Reverbamate in that it has a single output and is fully compatible with any guitar amp on the market today, yesterday or in the future.
From surf to jazz and everything in-between, no other reverb comes close.
Those who have a one input amp and want the sparkling reverb effect that the original Reverbamate is famous for can now claim that awesome reverb tone for their very own. In addition, the Sole-Mate sports status indicators for power and effect, and comes in a variety of coverings to complement or match just about any amp.
The Sole-Mate is a true bypass effect and is fully buffered against loading, meaning you get your true guitar sound unaltered at the output, no rolled off highs or changes in level -- just the way you want it. The Reverbamate Sole-Mate operates on 120VAC or 220VAC, appropriate adaptor included.
In stock coverings: Vintage Tweed, Vintage Black and Vintage Cream.
The tolex models are 285.00 and the tweed is 299.00 and they all ship free in the USA lower 48 states.

Dwell and Output controls
Accutronics Spring reverb unit
AC power adaptor
Dim. 10"w x 6"d x 2"h
Weight 2 lbs

FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48

Custom colors (special order): British Red, Snake Skin, Royal Purple, Elephant Hide Black, and British Black. Please send me an email if you want me to get you one with a custom color.

Here's a clip of Tampa Bay Florida's Josh Nelms playin his Strat through a tweed Bandmaster. The amp is pushing 3 Weber 10A125's 30w 8ohm light doping. The amp is owned by "Archtop Andrew" and it was built by Tungston amplification. Josh also has Andrew's Van-Amps Sole-Mate Reverb unit in the chain.
I'm convinced Josh could blow the fur off a cat at 300 yrds with his incredible feeling and chops.

Marty over there in Australia gave me permission to use his demo video of the Sole-Mate. Thanks Marty! He's picking the blues on a Marshall Bluesbreaker with no on-board reverb. He'll play a bit and then turn the Sole-Mate on. What a difference!

You can find more info and some really great demo's on the Van-Amps newly redesigned site. Please read more about the Van-Amps reverb here:

Van Amps

Please contact me for more information.