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Speakertone.com stocks and sells Weber VST, Celestion and Tone Tubby guitar speakers.

Please note:
The Weber speakers I list on this site are here in stock and ready to ship.

No factory wait!

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FREE SHIPPING on the Celestion Alnico Blue and Gold's.
I have a pretty good stash of the Heritage series Celestion's here in stock. The Heritage series as well as the Blue and Gold and the ten inch Gold's are made in the U.K. not China. I haven't listed the Heritage series in the cart yet but please feel free to email me on availability and pricing. As always, my prices are competitive.

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I just added the Weber ceramic Chicago 12's to my in-stock inventory.
I have the 30 watt 8ohm alnico Blue Dog's back in stock as well as the ceramics. The Weber 12F150 50 watt 8ohm are back in stock.
If you don't see the exact speaker(s) you're looking for listed, I can get it for you. Please email me for details.

Please be sure to check out my "links" page. I posted a video of Josh Nelms playing through his Silverface Deluxe with a Weber 12F150 in it.
New! I posted another video of Josh on both the "Links" and "Reverb" pages. He's playing through a Tungsten 5E7 loaded with 10A125's. There's also a Van-Amps, Sole-Mate reverb unit in the chain.

The 75 watt Weber alnico Blue Dog's are back in stock along with the Weber California ceramic 12 with the aluminum dome. The Weber 12A150's 50 watt 8ohm are back in stock. I have the Weber 50w Alnico Blue Dog's 8ohm back in stock. I have the 8ohm 25 watt Weber 12F150's back in stock. I have the Weber 10F150's in 8ohm 25w back in stock.
I have the Celestion Gold G10 ten inch alnico's in stock ready to ship.

As time allows my shopping cart pages will be updated with some more sound clips of Weber speakers. It's taking me a bit of time to put it all together but it's in the works. There are a couple new clips on the Speaker Cabs page and there will be more coming. A local guitar player, Red Lasner did a clip of my 112 SpeakerTone ext cab with a Weber Blue Dog alnico in it. That can be found on the Weber Blue Dog description and on the "speaker cabs" page. Red also set me up with a pc for recording. I bought a condenser mic and have been working on getting more original sound clips on the site.
If you don't see the Weber or Tone Tubby speaker or product you're looking for please email me. I may have it in stock but not yet listed on the site. The Weber alnico blue dog 75 watt are back in stock. The cart has just been updated again with new Weber speaker models. Including the Weber Blue Dog 100 watt, Weber Silver Bell, Weber Blue Pup, Weber Silver Ten, Weber 10A125, Weber 10F150, Weber 12F150, Weber 12A150, Weber 12A125, Weber California and more of different wattages and ohms than I previously had in stock. I also added some 16ohm ceramic Silver Bells 50 watt to my in stock inventory.

It would be impossible for me to stock every possible Weber alnico and ceramic speaker model as there are well over 100, but to the best of my knowledge I now have the largest in stock selection of any Weber speaker dealer on the entire internet and they're all ready to ship right out.

Note that in 2001, WeberVST changed its model numbering scheme so as not to be confused with the imported speakers with the Jensen name.
P12N 12A150
P12R 12A100
P12Q 12A125
P12NT 12A150W
P12B AlNiCo Blue Dog